Touch LCD Screen Replacement + Tri-wing Tool for Nintendo DS Lite

Replacement for Scratched, Broken or Have Dead Pixels' Lcd touch Screen Display
Model: V8101+V6101
Product Name: Nintendo DS Lite Touch LCD Screen with Tool
Condition: New
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Unit Price: $4.99
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Nintendo DS Lite Touch LCD Screen with Tool Description


1. Scratch, break or have dead pixels on your LCD touch screen display. Get a replacement, or an extra for spare
2. Repair your broken or unresponsive touch LCD screen immediately
3. Best replacement for the original touch LCD screen for Nintendo DS Lite
4.Comes straight from the factory
5.Very necessary but very hard to find item - cannot be found in most hardware Stores
6.Measures 5 inches long, handle measures 1/2 an inch wide


1 x Touch LCD Screen
1 x Tri-wing Screwdriver for GBA/NDS/DS Lite/Wii

Compatible With

Nintendo NDSL
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